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It’s this incredible impact on almost every dimension of your life. You’ll see thousands upon thousands of results, everything from enhancing skin to improving your heart health to vision, increasing your performance on intelligence tests, why it works. Still, we know that it does work, and nobody knows. 80% of the good ideas that I have from the industry come in think dating. Eighty percent of your business ideas are coming from this state.

That, that is what I need people. The considerable point to understand is that in Western civilization, we’re educated to exist in everything you could call a condition of awareness, right? Which means we think of consciousness as primarily from the awakening state or the beta. Therefore, you and I are conscious right now and we’re existing in one particular level of consciousness, but… if you take a look at indigenous civilizations, people in native cultures, they function in numerous levels of consciousness.

For instance, I spent a while with a tribe known as the Atchua, in the Atchua as well as the Amazon rainforest, they have this weird ritual. At 4AM, the households get up and they come around a campfire and they drink tea in 4AM and they discuss their fantasies. Watch, the Atchua consider that they communicate with tribes across the rainforest. They think that the fantasy world is as real as our physical world. That is currently tapping into another state of consciousness. Whether that is true or not, it doesn’t matter. The purpose is, they believe there are multiple or polyphasic states of consciousness.

So, meditation… actually makes you go from a single state and tap into altered states. And there. As people are analyzing reflection, as folks are currently analyzing is that it has this impact on almost every dimension of your life. I remember watching you speak on point at A-Fest and, correct me if I’m incorrect, but you mentioned something called”Thingification”, right? Thinkitation, yeah. Right, thinkitation? And tell us what you are doing when you thinkitate.

For me personally, I use a very basic meditation practice which is something I need to return to you. I really do box breathing although yours is exactly what you tell folks to do. I discovered that performing 4 equal sides will not work for me, it makes me feel out of breath. So, I adjusted it to suit what’s pleasurable for me. It takes me to an alpha wave state. Perhaps it takes me 20 minutes to arrive if I am worried. If I am already rested it takes me 3 or 4 minutes.

After, I’m within an alpha wave state, which is typically categorized as being calm and creative, which is precisely the way I feel, I feel wide awake, I feel very sharp. I am breathing. I do breathe through my nose, out through my mouth. I get inside that wave state out of my subconscious mind, where I feel just like ideas, either, or just normally disconnected regions in my brain begin crosstalking.

So I get really creative solutions that possibly the night completely eluded me. The reason why I call it Thinkitation is in meditation, so you are not likely to catch onto your thoughts, which I found frustrating, and so it caused me a problem in meditation.

So I thought, well, what should I assure myself that once I get in that nation then I can grab my computer, put it on my lap, continue my breathing cycle, to remain in that wave state.

But if a thought comes as intriguing, I will grab I really don’t think about it as grabbing it, to be honest, I think of it as riding a wave and so I’ll ride it, really follow it, see where it goes notes, write it down, and attempt to return on the wave or catch a different one and probably 80% of the fantastic ideas that I have from the industry come from thinkitating. That is amazing, right? 80% of your thoughts are coming whenever you are accessing these states.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about. You’re accessing a modified state of awareness. Now, scientists can measure that. If we hooked up Tom’s brain to an EEG machine, what they’d see, is that you’re likely going into- you are likely going to notice an increase in alpha waves and an increase in theta waves.

What science is currently discovering, is that alpha waves, which is what stems out of your brain when you’re relaxed? [Yup] is extremely soothing, it is very relaxing and if you continue relaxing more, you enter what is sometimes called”waking theta”. Theta, is the condition your brain is at each night before you fall asleep. You move into a state If you fall asleep. But here’s the unique thing, when you’re in theta. In reality, there’s this epic story of Thomas Edison, where, and maybe you’ve discovered this, he’d practise this napping technique, where he’d hold a metallic ball in his hands and there are a metal tray below his desk and he’d sit in his seat, such as this, and drift off to sleep and just as he goes into bed, his hands would drop, the ball could clang on the tray, waking him up, and he would have his thoughts.

Now, what exactly was he doing? He had been dipping into theta, to pull thoughts out. In reality, there’s this quote from Edison, which states this”Ideas come from distance; it’s difficult to believe, but it’s accurate.” Isn’t that like what you’re doing? You’re using your own language, however you are dipping to pull ideas out and you said it, 80 percent of your business ideas are coming from this nation. That. That is what I want more people to understand.

We can tap to draw ideas to fundamentally make choices, and also to even increase of becoming towards our thoughts, our rates. This is among the aspects of meditation, however, also you said something different, which I wish to pick up on. Yeah. That.

See, there are different types of meditation. In reality, there are many different kinds of meditation, I hate using the term”meditation”. I’d call it a transcendent practice. A transcendent clinic is any practice, where you venture out of the world, and you also go inside. So, meditation box breathing is a transcendent clinic but shutting your eyes and just being grateful for your life is a practice that is transcendent. Closing your eyes and thinking about someone you love is thinkitaton and a clinic is a practice that is transcendent, you’re going within.

And then there. Meditation is not about becoming better in meditation, it is about becoming better at working in today’s world. And so, when you realize that transcendent practices are you are going to see meditation in a way. Meditation helps reality bends.

There’s a myth out there on earth that I call the”hustle myth.” It says that it that it’s all about working harder than the competition, it’s about breaking your back for a hundred hours a week. I call bullsh*t on such’cause I also see people, who take- who focus on themselves who have a steady meditation practice, who learnt how to tap into instinct and then how to visualise their targets and they work significantly less, but get far better results.

You can hustle… or you can surrender into your internal space, and I am a huge fan of surrendering into your internal space. Hustling, to me, is an broken strategy that contributes to overwork, it contributes to broken marriages, it leads to bad relationships with your children, it contributes to aging.

Do not hustle, it’s a myth! Alright, so I am the king of hustle. So now, you’re going to convince me to be and I receptive that is super [Right] than where I’m at, and now I always want a much better response. So, obviously and explain to me I’ve heard you speak about this but I have questions. Describe to me what it means to surrender into something. So- So, allow me to give an instance to you.

You’ve said you’re the king of hustle? But and I would debate. While I discuss hustle, I speak about the men and women who believe that you have to operate an ungodly number of hours to be successful. There is a much healthier way.

There are two distinct types of individuals that are currently talking about entrepreneurship. There is the kind of individuals who talk about entrepreneurship purely from the physical sense. It’s about the amount it’s about the amount of telephone calls, and of course, hard work has its place.

This man, constructed a software company and he talks about how he did this, by surrendering, by going within, by having a daily meditation practice.

Now, in your case, I believe you’re doing it. You are doing it automatically although you moving to that strategy. When I hear you also talk about how you sit down, you relax and you thinkitate and you talk at A-Fest and those thoughts come into you, you’re tapping into something. Tom, you are tapping into your own intuition. That’s a far more efficient way than trying to hustle to get these ideas. You are going within.

So you’re doing among the first steps. The second part is how can you optimise your rate of moving from idea to reality. That’s the portion of bending fact and there are a substantial number of tools which you can put into play that will assist by focusing on your states, you do that. For instance, one would be to create a visualisation. There are many studies which show that what you visualise in your head, you can help accelerate on the planet.

For example, one study called the”Finger Abduction Experiment”, basically had people exercise their fingers, fine, such as physically exercising your palms and then a controlled set of individuals visualised themselves exercising their own hands and what they discovered is that one group grew finger strength by let’s say about 10 percent, the other team, by 9 percent.

Really close, just by visualising their palms. The same thing happens in sales. You can accelerate your sales’ closing speed by visualising the results. We know it works, although we do not really understand how it works. And the exact same thing occurs on your lifestyle.

You proceed towards that faster when you get a clear vision of the company that you want to make, of this lifestyle you want to create. And so, meditation to me, is not just about moving zen, it is not just about, like, focusing on your breathing. It’s about understanding how to get clear about what you want and to focus on that vision for a couple of minutes daily, and knowing how to tap , which you do well.



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